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Income Tax Calculator  
Total Earnings for the Year  
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Basic Salary (Annual) + 50% of Professional Income (Annual)
Annual Pension given by employer after retirement
Other Pensions from Insurance Policies (Annual)
HRA (Annual)
LTA (Annual)
Other Annual Taxable Alloances (Perquistes, Bonus etc)
Rent Income for the Year
FD Interest + Savings Bank Interest (Annual)
Only Savings Interest
Short  TermCapital Gains & Dividents taxed @ applicable rates
Short Term Capital Gains to be taxed @ 15%
Long term capital gains after indexation to be taxed @ 20%
Long Term Capital Gains to be taxed @ 10%
Recepits for Allowances submitted  
Rent Receipts (PAN of Landlord is must if monthly Rent is more than Rs.8333)  
Air/Train Tickets submitted against LTA
Other Recipts for Tax Exemptions  (Uniform, Driver, Telephone,Meal Coupons etc)  
Professional Tax
80C (EPF, Home Loan Principal, ELSS, School Fees, NPS, Term Insurance, NSC, PPF)  
80D - Medical Insurance Premium
80D - Medical Insurance Premium for Sr.Citizen Parents
80E - Educational Loan Interest
80CCD 1(b) -NPS
80CCD (2) - NPS Contribution by Employer
80DD (Dependednt with Partial Disability)/ 80U (for Self)
80DD (Dependent with Severe Disability)/ 80U (for Self)
80DDB (Treatment for Less than 60 year Person)
80DDB (Treatment for above 60 year Person)
80G (Please enter Qualifying amount 100% or 50% as applicable)
Are you availing Low Cost/First Home Interest Subsidiy under Sec 80ee
Home Loan Interest Paid for Property which is self occupied
Home Loan Interest Paid for Property which is rented out
Tax Calculation Result  
Total Earnings for the Year (Not Including Rent)  
Allowances Exempted (HRA, LTA, PT Tax, Other Receipts)  
Taxable Income at Applicable rates   
Short Term Capital Gains Tax @ 15%  
Long Term Capital Gains @ 20% after Indexation  
Long Term Capital Gains @ 10%  
Taxable Income at Special Rates   
Tax on Income   
Gross Tax including Surchage (Old Structure)  
Taxable Income at applicable rates (New Structure)  
Tax on Income (New Structure Without Exemptions)  
Surcharge (New Structure)  
Cess (New Structure)  
Gross Tax (New Tax Structure without Exemption) including Surchage  
Tax Credit Available
Advance Tax by 15th Jun
Advance Tax by 15th Sep
Advance Tax by 15t Dec
Advance Tax by 15th March
Self Assessment Tax at the Time of Income Tax Filing
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