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Investment Algorithm for Retired 
How much corpus do you have?
Your Year of Birth
What is your current monthly expenses?
Any monthly Income (Rental Income, Consulting, Part-time, Pension etc)
Select Current SENSEX Range ( )
How long is your corpus expected to last (Till your age)
Maximum Investments recommended in FD
Expected Monthly Interest from Fixed Deposits
Monthly SWP
Monthly STP to ELSS
Monthly SIP to ELSS
Monthly SIP to Liquid Funds
One Time investments in Liquid Funds
One Time investments in Money Market Funds
One Time investments in Ultra short bonds
One Time Investments in Gilt & Dynamic Funds
STP as mentioned below can be set up, if total Equity/Equity fund allocation is less than over all portfolio
Monthly STP in Large and Mid Caps
Monthly STP in Multicaps
Monthly STP in Mid Caps
Monthly STP in Value Funds
Monthly STP in Small Caps
Monthly STP in Large Caps
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