SEBI RIA: INA000007216
Call/Whatsap: 9869404024
Select MF Schemes Absolute Returns as on 17.06.2019
Bucket 3 (Mid Caps) Plan 1Yr 3Yr 5Yr
Franklin India Prima Direct -2.0% 35.82% 105.49%
Franklin India Prima Regular -3.0% 31.74% 94.25%
Kotak Emerging Equity Direct -2.0% 40.83% 126.18%
Kotak Emerging Equity Regular -3.2% 35.40% 112.05%
L&T Midcap Direct -7.3% 48.06% 112.72%
L&T Midcap Regular -8.2% 44.03% 103.58%
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